Beauty Tips for Teenagers

What do you categorize as true beauty? If I asked the same question, I would say confidence is the secret behind being beautiful. When it comes to teenagers they face of lot of problems, tension and confusion and it becomes difficult to look flawless on top of these things. None of us are imperfect and so you need to try out new things and accept your positive as well as negative aspects and bring out the best too look great and feel awesome. Here are a few tips to help you find confidence that can be certainly achieved from nothing other than self-esteem.

Tip #1: The first step to skin care as you may find in several beauty tips is find out your skin type with the tissue paper test so that you can pick the right cosmetics. There are 5 different skin types including dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combination skin and normal skin type.

Tip #2: It is of course true that people are judged with the cleanliness of their hands. For this, make sure you never bite your nails as it seems awkward in the first appearance itself. While cutting the nails, try to perform at different angles so that you get a good shape. File it after trimming and always keep a safe length and in case you need long nails you can make use of nail clippers that is safe and hygienic.

Tip#3: Make up is important especially when you are a teenager to hide your pimples, red areas, scars and also to look magnificent. At the same time, it is important to keep it light and simple instead of making it intense and bright making you feel older. Select the right foundation for your skin that suites the color and use smoky eye shades and light eye makeup along. Finally finish it with lip gloss or lipstick for the cool effect.

Tip #4: Keeping your hair fresh and nice is one of the greatest beauty tip and this is something that many of them skip. It is not necessary to keep up with your hair beauty with expensive cosmetics or by damaging hair with flat irons, hot blow dryers or curling irons. You can keep your hair smelling fresh by spraying a little of your cologne or perfume lightly onto the bristles of your brush and combing right away to produce fresh scent.